Fayetteville Team

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David Fleming
Principal Broker, Realtor®
Emily Heller
Sales Associate, Realtor®
Becky Garner
Sales Associate, Realtor®
Lindsey Hugen
Marketing Assistant

Bentonville Team

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Clayton Bradford
Executive Broker, Property Manager, Realtor®
Tara Raza
Executive Broker, Realtor®
Bamby Dadula
Sales Associate, Realtor®
Jason Stacy
Sales Associate, Realtor®

Considering Selling?

Hire us, and we'll get your home sold at top dollar.  We'd love to set up a time to go over our detailed marketing plan.  Without disclosing our marketing techniques to our competition, here are the basics:

We will create a giant web campaign for your home, making sure it won't be missed by any potential buyer anywhere in the world.

We pursue and record every lead that we generate for your home so that we'll know immediately what marketing is most effective.

We'll calculate your Estimated Net Proceeds so you'll know how much you can expect to walk away with, for free, before you list with us.

We will generate and send marketing reports, specifically for your home, to you on a regular basis.

In December 2015,  68% percent of renters felt that it was a good time to buy.  We are in a unique position due to our leasing business to bring buyers to your door.

Please contact us for references.  We value our clients' privacy.


Considering Leasing your home or residential investment property?

Visit our Leasing and Property Management site, Red Door Property Management, to view our residential services.  From marketing, sowings, resident placement and screening to property maintenance, customer service and conflict resolution, we expertly handle all aspects of the leasing and property management process.